Saturday, August 16, 2014

Killer Pizza From Mars

Killer Pizza From Mars
Killer Pizza From Mars. Escondido, California.
This is a busy place. Busy in terms of people--but not over-crowded. Busy in terms of a lot of decorations to grab your attention: flying saucers, aliens, movie posters. You'll see references to Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and B movies from the 1950's that you had forgotten completely about (for good reason). Busy in terms of noisy: they have multiple TV's set to ESPN for sports. They've got beer on tap. It's a fun place to go, great food, and left-overs for days!

Marlene and I like the works on our pizza. But we've found that we' rather have more vegetables and only pepperoni. So, we do what many do--order a vegetarian and add pepperoni. Our preference?

Pizza of the God's: a vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, lots of garlic, tomatoes, large artichoke hearts, with mozzarella cheese. We then add pepperoni.

Like the sign on the door says: "Sorry, we're open."

Killer Pizza From Mars