Saturday, August 29, 2020

Retirement in Washington State

Just to let my regular readers know, Marlene and I have retired!

We have moved to Washington State to be closer to Marlene's family.

We'll surely miss the beach and the desert of San Diego County. And all our friends we made there in Escondido and elsewhere.

Our view!
Our long term goal for the next few years is RV living. Arizona in the winter and Washington in the summer. But we'll see what life brings instead of what we plan.

Right now RVs are unavailable or extra-expensive. People are buying them for their summer vacations, since other types of flights and vacations are on hold until the pandemic is over. And many RV campgrounds are closed, for the same reason.

In the mean time, the blog I started a year ago is bringing in income. I am still adding articles to it. If all continues, we can delay taking SSI and avoid going back to work (other than the blog).

So, this, then is the end of this blog.

Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey!