Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Identify this tree!

Tree Cell Phone Tower
Zombie Tree. Guajome County Park, Oceanside, California.
"The funny thing about camouflage is that, if done poorly, it actually draws attention to what one is trying to hide." -- Pete Brook, Wired Magazine.

It kind of looks like a tree--in the way that a zombie looks like a real person--but grotesque, hideous, deformed.

Of course, those were also my thoughts when I saw my first cell phone towers, sprouted up overnight like giant ominous mechanical beings from outer space. Images of War of the Worlds.

This tree won an award for innovative design? You've got to be kidding me! On the other hand, Alien won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. That monster has nothing on this "tree"!

If you think this zombie pine tree is weird, you should see the palm tree cell towers!

Here are some more examples.

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