Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Psychotic Roadrunner

Usually I only get brief looks at Greater Roadrunners. They are generally quite wary and run away quickly. So when I spotted one ahead, sunning itself on a log, I took a photo or two. I took 10 more steps, took a couple more photos, took ten more steps, and then took a few more photos. By this time I was getting quite close.

Greater Roadrunner
Greater Roadrunner. Mission Trails Park, San Diego, California. May 10, 2015. Greg Gillson.
In fact, after a few more steps I was so close now that I couldn't get the whole bird in the frame.

Greater Roadrunner

I moved around to get better light on the bird.

Greater Roadrunner

Well, it was obvious the bird didn't want to move. It was warming its backside toward the new sunrise. And since I didn't want to disturb it any more, I stepped back and went around. That's when weirdness happened. The bird followed me!

First it ran along the log, following me.

Greater Roadrunner

Then it jumped down on the road behind me, followed me a ways, and then ran around ahead of me and stopped, examining me closely. Turn about is fair play, I guess. Since I approached it closely, now it did the same to me!

"Often it seems curiously unafraid of humans. Trotting up close to peer at us, raising and lowering its mop of a shaggy crest, flipping its long tail about expressively, it looks undeniably zany." -- Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Greater Roadrunner

Okay, now what? "Look what followed me home, Marlene. Can I keep it?"

Finally, it got tired of playing with me and started to behave more like a Roadrunner. It ran in front of me and off the side of the road.

Greater Roadrunner

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