Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cassin's Kingbird at Poinsettia Park, Carlsbad

As do most birders, I like to see birds I've never seen before--especially birds rare to an area. There are several rare birds in the San Diego area now, including many returning for multiple winters. I'll go see them if I have available time; but some are rather distant for a quick trip. Frankly, I'd rather find my own rare birds. But that means I don't see rare birds as often as if I chased after rare birds that others have already found.

Thus, I was exploring a new park I noticed on the map in Carlsbad. Poinsettia Park is quite large--perhaps a half mile to walk around, rimmed with trees and paved walkways. It is 42 acres, has 3 baseball fields, basketball court, and 10 tennis courts. (website here). The west side is along an ungroomed wet canyon with many trees. It looks like a great place for migrant or winter rarities to be found. It has food, water, and shelter. Less than a mile inland, it will have mild temperatures that should provide insects for food all winter .

I found several flocks of birds, but didn't find anything rare. I did get a couple photos of a cooperative Cassin's Kingbird on a fence.

Cassin's Kingbird
Cassin's Kingbird. Carlsbad, California. October 25, 2015. Greg Gillson.
Cassin's Kingbird

Last year I wrote an identification article on identifying the "yellow-bellied" kingbirds: "ID: Western, Cassin's, and Tropical Kingbirds."

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