Thursday, January 28, 2016

A "No Photo" List?

On the New Years Day pelagic trip Nancy mentioned that a certain common bird was on her "no photo" list. Why would you choose NOT to photograph a bird anymore?

Well, hmm... in my online pBase photo gallery I do have 86 photos of Black-footed Albatross from Oregon alone... and 65 Northern Fulmar photos. But even though there aren't any plumages or poses that I don't already posses, that doesn't stop me from photographing them in California (albatross, fulmar).

And I am starting to build up quite a few photos of Black Phoebes and Phainopeplas now. But if there was one bird I probably don't need any more photos of it would be Snowy Egrets--no matter how photogenic and unwary they may appear. But just like a sunset, I just can't resist one more photo.

Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret. San Elijo Lagoon, Encinitas, California. January 2, 2016. Greg Gillson.

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