Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Funny old man in golf cart

Yes, that's me. As maintenance manager for a mobile home park with over 170 coaches (see previous post about this job), there is a lot of ground to cover. I have a golf cart to carry tools around the park, which is situated on a hill.

A lot of the work involves keeping the sprinklers up and running--quite a job in itself--they want to clog and break continuously. So I get covered in mud on a regular basis. I've never really had a job that was so much  physical labor. It's a long ways from my 25 years of work as an electronics engineering technician (see my LinkedIn profile). I don't know if I'll grow up to be big and strong with all this manual labor, but I sure wash my hands a lot!

I get to be outside in the sunshine, help people and solve problems. It's hard work, but it is a fair and good company to work for. And they give me a place to live and pay me too! And my wife is my co-worker (she says boss). What more could one ask for in their job?