Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Singing Mockingbirds

Northern Mockingbird
Singing Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbirds really started singing today. They're always present here, and make some chattering noises, but in the last day or two they've started singing little refrains, and now steady all morning. One bird was right outside my door and didn't give up its perch as I went inside and came out with my camera for the photo above.

Interestingly, it is just whistled notes, warbles, and harsh notes--I haven't heard any mocking or imitating.
 I suppose as the breeding season nears there will be more variety in the songs.

Other common yard birds include American Crow, Mourning Dove, Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warbler, Black Phoebe, Lesser Goldfinch, Eurasian Collared-Dove, House Wren, Anna's Hummingbird, Cassin's Kingbird, California Towhee, House Finch, Western Scrub-Jay, Bushtit, and several other single wintering birds like an Orange-crowned Warbler and a male Phainopepla.

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