Saturday, February 27, 2016

You were in my dream last night...

Actually, you probably weren't. But many people would feel very uncomfortable if someone told them that. I don't know why.

Man Sleeping on Field
Man Sleeping on Field by Space Ship Galaxy Fantasy.
We dream about people we know: family, friends, work mates. Why wouldn't we? Except that I actually dream about lots of people I don't know, too. Well, I do know them in my dream, but when I wake I have no idea who they were. I have several repeat guest visitors to my dreams who I know only from my dreams.

I dream as soon as my head hits the pillow, usually entering the same dream I left off with the previous morning. That's often when I remember my previous night's dream, and the remembering sometimes wakes me back up.

Even people I dream about that I do know often don't stay that same person, morphing from one person to another, or are actually two people in one. For instance, my youngest daughter and my youngest sister are often the same dual-person in my dreams.

Last night I wasn't even in my own dream. Or I wasn't me. I was a mountain man or Clarence Birdseye discovering quick-frozen fish in the far north (thanks PBS!). A snow storm or avalanche (looking suspiciously like the dust cloud from the Dust Bowl, thanks again PBS!) was coming right at me. Whereupon a herd of bison and men with bison heads (some riding horses) came over the rise to escape the snowy disaster and were about to trample me. So I jumped in a hole in the ground that was also being used by hibernating cave bears.

Exciting for me. Boring for you to hear about. And don't bother analyzing it. Dreams don't mean anything. I often dream about something that happened during the day and whatever TV show I watched last before retiring. (Admittedly, though, I have no idea where the bison-headed horsemen came from.)

Besides being Clarence Birdseye, I have been a car in my dreams (thankfully with no singing or flying off into the sunset), a chair, and also Marlene's pillow (I gave her head a loving hug). I've even been... no, wait... that really would make you uncomfortable!

See you in my dreams!

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