Friday, November 25, 2016

Index to my bird identification articles

I'm getting enough bird ID articles in this blog now, to warrant an index to find them. Plus I've written some other ID articles in various blogs over the years that I think are worth pointing out. As I add more identification articles to my Greg in San Diego blog, I'll add them to the top of the list.

Yellow Warbler fanning her tail at Kit Carson Park May 2019

Eurasian Wigeon in Borrego Springs (Female ID) March 2019

Rare Lesser Black-backed Gull at Coronado February 2019

Oregon and Slate-colored Juncos November 2018

Clay-colored Sparrow at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery October 2018

ID: Hybrid California x Gambel's Quail January 2018

Little Blue Heron Hunting Posture January 2017

Vireo frustrations ("Solitary" Vireos)  October 2016

A Costa's Hummingbird at my window August 2016

ID: Leach's Storm-Petrel split: Ainley's, Leach's, and Townsend's  July 2016

Red-crowned Parrot  June 2016

ID Challenge: Mew Gull NOT!  November 2015

Winter Sage Sparrow dilemma: Sagebrush or Bell's Sparrow?  December 2014
Winter Sage Sparrow identification redux  November 2016
Sage Sparrows in Borrego Springs  March 2019

ID: Elegant, Royal, and Caspian Terns  November 2014

Large-billed Savannah Sparrow  September 2014

Belding's Savannah Sparrow  April 2014

Hybrid Audubon's x Myrtle Warbler  April 2014

ID: Western, Cassin's, and Tropical Kingbirds  March 2014

Storm Wigeon  March 2014

ID: Gnatcatchers of California  February 2014

ID: Female Blue-winged and Cinnamon Teal  January 2014

ID: Long-billed Dowitcher and Short-billed Dowitcher in winter  January 2014

You may also be interested in my bird identification articles I wrote from 2009-2013 in my Pacific NW Birder blog (no longer updated). These were tailored for the beginning birder identification challenges of Oregon and Washington, but also apply to southern California in most cases.

Juvenile Spotted Sandpipers masquerading as Solitary Sandpipers!  September 2013

ID: Brown Swallows  July 2013

Telling Swallows from Swifts  June 2013

No Swainson's Thrushes before May!  April 2013

Song Sparrow or Fox Sparrow?  January 2013

Western Sandpiper or Dunlin? Winter ID challenge  November 2012

Empid ID in 3 easy steps  June 2012

Separating first year Thayer's Gull from "Olympic" Gull  January 2012

Not a Slate-colored Junco! The Cassiar Junco  April 2011

Greg's white-cheeked goose rant... I mean, primer  February 2011

Dabbling Duck silhouette quiz  January 2011
Dabbling Duck silhouette quiz: Answers  February 2011

ID: Little green bird: Kinglet or Vireo?  December 2010

ID Challenge: Horned and Eared Grebes in winter  December 2010

ID: Yellowlegs  September 2010

Identification: Clark's and Western Grebes  July 2010

Lincoln's Sparrow ID  April 2010

A tale of two White-crowned Sparrows  April 2010

ID Challenge... Western Sandpiper and Semipalmated Sandpiper  August 2009

Oh, here's one that I think you'll like: a guest post I wrote for the Birding is Fun! blog (this blog is also retired).

Ten most misidentified birds in the Pacific Northwest  February 2013

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