Wednesday, July 19, 2017

San Diego Annotated Checklist: Updated

I have just completed updating my annotated bird checklist page to San Diego birds, first created a year ago. It incorporates the AOS checklist 58th supplement that came out earlier this month. It continues the major rearrangement of orders and families that began a couple years ago. For instance, hummingbirds and pigeons are near the front of the list following waterfowl and chickens. Last year's shake-up never even made it into a field guide before it changed again. I wonder if this will be a trend for the next few years?

I have also updated some rare bird sightings in the county for the past year.

An annotated checklist devotes a paragraph to each species--rather than just a list--telling where and when to find each bird, plus any other notes about status. It is especially useful for searching for specific species, whether you are a visitor or local birder.

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