Saturday, September 1, 2018

New birding trails on Bayshore Bikeway, Imperial Beach

This post updates my February 2015 birding site guide to the Bayshore Bikeway, in Imperial Beach.

That site guide covered birding opportunities between 7th and 13th Streets, plus down the Bikeway a half mile or so beyond 13th Street to the Saltworks. Please see that original site guide for general birding and expected species.

This information adds 3 new (since June 2016) access points (paths) that should increase the value of this birding location.

Bikeway map
eBird map: Bayshore Bikeway map 7th to 13th Street. Click for full-sized image.
Key for map above:

Green P: Parking at 7th Street, 10th Street (lot next to Public Works), 13th Street

Yellow path: Bayshore Bikeway existing path.

Red Path 1: Designated birding trail. In June 2016 a walking path of 0.4 miles was completed between 7th Street and 10th Street, in Imperial Beach. This footpath follows the edge of the marsh at the south end of San Diego Bay. It parallels the Bikeway and makes it safer to watch birds and set up your spotting scope without impeding bike traffic.

Red Path 2: Some improvements have been done at the end of 13th Street (13th and Cypress), including some new retail shops (Bikeway Village). There are fewer parking spaces, but they are now paved. Street parking is also available on 12th Street, and also on Florence Street--which is between 12th and 13th Streets. A new city park botanical garden has been installed that looks over San Diego Bay between 12th and 13th Streets. It's a good place to scan the bay. Look for nesting Elegant Terns by the multi-thousands, Black-necked Stilts, Willets, and Black Skimmers.

Red Path 3: There is a new paved accessway behind the homes on the west side of 7th Street. It may come from the new condominium development called Bayshore Landing. To access this path, drive to the north end of 7th Street and park on the street. Walk to the edge of the marsh. Walk the Bayshore Bikeway west about 150 feet. The new paved path leads south and has good light for morning shorebirding.

Yellow A: eBird Hotspot: "Bayshore Bikeway--7th St."

Yellow B: eBird Hotspot: "Bayshore Bikeway--13th St."

Yellow C: eBird Hotspot: "Pond 23 island & Otay River channel"

Yellow D: eBird Hotspot: "San Diego NWR--Pond 10A"

Yellow E: eBird Hotspot: "Saltworks--pond 20"

Bayshore Bikeway walking path at 7th Street
The new walking path/birding trail parallels the Bayshore Bikeway between 7th (here) and 10th Streets.
Bayshore Bikeway
West from 7th Street you still have the irregular shoulder of the Bikeway as a walking option. Pond 10A to left.
Bayshore Bikeway
West of 7th Street is a new paved pathway bordering the marsh (Pond 10A).
Flamingo Trail. Bayshore Bikeway Pond 10A
Oh look! Same view in August 2018. Famous local escaped bird gets its own trail!
Flamingo Trail mural. Bayshore Bikeway Pond 10A
Beautiful mural. How long before it gets tagged with graffiti? August 26, 2018.
Bayshore Bikeway walking path
Path near the end of 8th Street.
Bayshore Bikeway walking path
Path near end of 8th Street looking west toward end of 7th Street.

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