Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bird song quiz

A small bird flew from tree top to tree top as it passed through this morning. It sang a very memorable, distinctive, and imitable song.

Very high pitched clear whistled song, evenly spaced: "su, su, see, sey" repeated every 7-10 seconds, very much like the voice quality of a White-crowned Sparrow. It stayed around long enough for me to try to record it on my smart phone, but it just isn't loud enough to hear.

What I have done is whistle the song and recorded my whistled imitation. Cheesy, I know.
[Late night 3/22 reloaded to Dropbox, as it disappeared for some reason]
Click here for Dropbox sound file link

I feel like I should know this bird song, but I just can't place it. Listening, again it sounds like the first 4 notes of a White-throated Sparrow song but the notes shorter in duration and faster.

Can you help?


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