Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Michael Angelo's Scale to Lasagna

Last week I had lasagna at Pasquale's Restaurant in Newberg, Oregon. This is the best lasagna I've eaten in years. It was better than Michael Angelo's.

Now you might not think so, but that is a high complement. Michael Angelo's Italian Frozen Food has great meat lasagna--made without preservatives with fresh ingredients in small batches and frozen--just like home made. I especially like the Sausage Lasagna. I love the left-overs heated in the microwave. When I eat out at restaurants, I always compare it to Michael Angelo's. You know what? The frozen lasagna is better, more often than not. The way the cheese is toasted and the tomato sauce thickened on those corner pieces is just, well, mmm.... (I sound just like a commercial, don't I?) When I have lasagna, I always rate it on a scale compared to Michael Angelo's.

One local place in San Marcos, California we have found that has decent food is Pizza Nova. Most of the specialty pizzas have Alfredo sauce rather than tomato sauce, so aren't my style. They have several pastas that Marlene likes--especially the Thai Chicken Liguini. I order the lasagna. My score? It's as good as Michael Angelo's lasagna--impressive.

One other place I've eaten lasagna in the recent past was at Nonna Amilia's, in Beaverton, Oregon. Many people really like the food there. The result? Sorry, it's not as tasty as Michael Angelo's.

So that's it, my Michael Angelo's scale to lasagna.

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