Friday, July 20, 2018

My 600th eBird species

On July 12th I birded at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley, California, in Orange County.

There I recorded my 600th world eBird species--Egyptian Goose. At least 65 birds roamed the lawns along with almost 200 Canada geese. Egyptian geese are not countable by ABA rules, along with probably 20 other domestic or escaped birds that I have recorded on my eBird list of 545 for "North America" north of Mexico. So my ABA area tally is somewhere near 525.

Egyptian Goose
Egyptian Goose
Egyptian Goose. Fountain Valley, California. July 12, 2018.
Egyptian Goose

Because these "ornamental" birds are generally not "countable" by birders, not much is known about them in North America. Texas and Florida have large non-native populations. In southern California they seem limited mostly to Orange County (and Los Angeles County?). I have not seen them in adjacent San Diego County. But they certainly are unique!

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