Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Colored pencil art: Yellow-rumped Warbler on succulent

In December I photographed a Yellow-rumped Warbler on a succulent at Silver Strand that I thought would make a great colored pencil drawing.

I'm still working on my photorealism technique. This one is getting closer! I think it needs a bit more fine details, though. My plant drawing actually has more detail than what was visible in the reference photo (see below). In order to be realistic I have to get the proportions perfect. Unfortunately, I think I made the warbler's bill a touch too big and the eye a touch too small. That's something that you can't fix after you've started with the color.

Each drawing is just practice for the next one, or so I've been told.

Yellow-rumped Warbler on succulent. Colored Pencil. Greg Gillson
Yellow-rumped Warbler on succulent. Prismacolor colored pencil. 2019. Greg Gillson
colored pencil art in progress
Putting in the background.
colored pencil art in progress
The flower stalk: first of many layers.
Photo of Yellow-rumped Warbler on succulant
My reference photo.


  1. Wow, this is great, Greg. I'd hang that on my wall =) Terrific photo as well.

    I bet taking the time to draw birds in such detail helps one never forget plumage details.

    1. Thanks. I'm working on a tutorial that is teaching me a slightly different technique with more detail (European Robin). Then I'm going to try it on a California Gnatcatcher and post that if it turns out.


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